Patricia Lua - Architectural Designer / CAD Drafter



This is Patricia Lua.


I received the opportunity to work with many Architects, Designers and Engineers. It was the rise of the Dot-Com boom when the Internet exploded with online businesses.  As a team we created working spaces for many corporations such as:  InsWeb, Apple, Sony Entertainment, Borland, Read-Rite and George Rice & Sons. I received valuable mentorship working alongside people, teams and projects.


I was a happy single woman working in Architecture with a house of my own in Silicon Valley. Each day was exciting! I worked on plans in development up thru construction documents for City Submittal. It was a busy time!  Then came the down turn in the Dot-Com business.  I found myself working with an entirely new team on Residential Homes and Church’s. The nine eleven disaster hit our country two years later and no one wanted to build or renovate existing homes.


I was without work again!  I went to school and volunteered at a local TV Studio to keep myself motivated. My worst fears happened when the financial crises of 2007-2008 came crashing down around me. I ended up still Single with no ability to pay for my mortgage. The house was sold, I downsized and packed a few of my belongings in a van and made the trip to Los Angeles. I had lived life in Silicon Valley for many years so it took courage to move to Los Angeles.


I transferred all my skills in Architectural Design - Drafting and worked as a Production Designer on Films.  I gained confidence in leading a team in the Art Department. I acquired knowledge from veterans in the business but most of all I grasped the understanding that designing in any field is a collaborative team effort.


We serve the team and the client.


Let’s make something happen.



Patricia Lua



The moral to this story is:

No matter how many times you fall or think you fail. Get up and try again. Persistence and resilience are your best friend.